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black_sound's Journal

Black Sound
Welcome to black_sound
This is a graphic journal and is made special for promoting my graphics. So for this reason this is a public journal. Enjoy all the graphics that I post here. If your looking for my personal journal, it is at black_sounds
Credit black_sound please do this
Comment, comments are the way to let me know what you think about my graphics .
Don't hotlink, because it uses up my bandwidth. bandwidth is precious to me because it allows me to post more pictures! if i don't have bandwidth = no pictures
Don't alter or steal, please don't alter any icons or other grafics. They are intend to be as they are!
You are encouraged to friend this journal to keep up with updates. But please bear in mind that I won't add you back unless I know you or I admire your icons/graphics.

Layout: milou_veronica .
Mood theme: lidi
Header: black_sound
Profile header: black_sound
Tutorials: Here you can find a list whit tutorials that I use or I like and I will use in the future. I didn't made this, I posted them just for easy acces. If you made one of the tutorials and you don't want your tutorial to be posted just let me know. .
Resources: Here is the post whit all those great people that made brushes, textures or anything else that I use on my graphics. If you see that I use one of your work and your name is not on the list curse me and say to put your name there.
You can see all my awards here
First place
Second place
Third place
Nominations and other awards
d0rk_icons | secretly_hg | zaz_icons | rlf_icons | limbslikewire | realmofsilence .
valliegurl | leona_dracontis | threeeyespei | rupiconic | now_i_am_there | aneirin_icons .
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